Gordon Setters are a fairly large breed and their build can be compared to a weight carrying hunter. As a guide, dogs can measure 66cms(26'') at the shoulder and weigh 29.5kgs(65lbs), with bitches being slightly less measuring 62cms(24½'') at the shoulder and weighing 25.5kgs(56lbs). These are the recommended breed standard weights and heights but they can vary.

If you have young children, bear in mind that any large dog can easily knock a small child over, albeit unintentionally. Because of their height they can reach high shelves and empty kitchen worktops with the greatest of ease. They are also very happy to make themselves at home on your best sofa.

 Which Sex

This is something which is down to personal preference and may depend on your household situation. Temperaments of dogs and bitches are very much the same and both are very loyal to their owners. The only consideration is that bitches will come into season every 6-9 months and must be carefully supervised if you don't want unwanted additions to the family.

Having a young dog/bitch neutered is something that we do not recommend. In doing so it could affect the quality of the coat, instead of being sleek, shiny and coal black it may become dull, dense and unruly making it hard to manage. Bitches may become incontinent later in life


Gordons have lots of energy, but it must be stressed that as puppies they should not be over exercised as untold damage could be done to under developed muscles and joints. However, as an adult they will take as much exercise as you are willing to give, both on and off lead, this will also help to maintain good body condition and an active mind.

Safety is an important consideration - Gordons will happily gallop up to a fields distance away from you, especially if they happen to pick up a scent. Exercise on a postage stamp of grass is not sufficient, they are well suited to life in locations where their need for free running can be met.

If you want a dog that walks by your side and never goes further than a yard from your heels, forget it - look to another breed.


Regular grooming and bathing is required to keep the coat in good condition. If you start grooming your dog from a very early age it will gradually get used to the routine.

A Gordons coat can grow fairly long and will pick up bits of twigs, burrs and grass seeds during exercise. If these are left in the coat it will become knotted and uncomfortable for your dog when you try to remove them. Hair on the feet can grow long, it is best trimmed away to prevent matting and the feet becoming sore, whilst doing this they can also be checked for grass seeds. Trimming fur from under the ears will help to keep them clean and allow better airflow inside. More detailed grooming is required on dogs for the show ring. 

**Please note that all the pictures of our own dogs on this site have been groomed for showing, their heads and body have all been hand stripped, giving a lovely smooth appearance.**                 


All adorable puppies grow up and turn into adolescent hooligans before you know it. Puppies will chew anything within reach and will happily help you to  redesign your garden, so they should be taught acceptable behaviour in and outside of their home.

Gordons can take a while to grow up mentally, often acting puppy like well into their older years. Basic obedience is always recommended but Gordons do not take well to heavy handed forms of training, firm but gentle handling is very important, with patience and consistancy from all members of the family.

They are intelligent dogs and can be trained for activities such as agility when old enough. We train all our dogs to come back to a whistle, a method we recommend to all new owners. Training a dog to come back when called is a lesson that might save its life one day. 

Beneath that loveable exterior of your Gordon puppy lies an intelligent, mischievious and strong willed dog, always looking for ways to amuse themselves. A definate sense of humour for their owners is also a big requirement..in more ways than one !





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