Pictures on this page are of Gordons either owned or bred by us.

Click on pictures to enlarge.


Bet you didn't know Gordons could walk on water !!!
(Freya's brother - Buster)
Keira posing in the sun.
(Freya's daughter)
Puppies playing.
Hurry up taking that photo - we've got places to go !!
I wonder if their dinner is better than mine !
(Freya's daughter)
Kyber being a couch potato!
Just doing what Gordons do best.
Lined up at the milkbar.
Bliss - a peaceful moment !
Kyber on holiday.
(Freya's brother)
Mum & Daughter
(Freya & Eryn - age 7 mths)
They were actually watching ducks on a lake behind me as this photo was being taken.
(Lexie's daughter)
Keira waiting for Santa !
Can we go home now....... please !
Millie just Lazin' around.....
Pete showing Freya.
(Freya's brother)
Jaxon now living in sunny Spain.
Scout enjoying the snow.

A very big thank you to all the owners who have sent us some of these lovely pictures.

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