We only place our puppies in what we believe to be the best possible homes, once prospective owners have been 'vetted' and are considered as suitable owners under our criteria, so please expect to be interviewed prior to being offered a place on our waiting list. We are as committed to finding the best homes for our puppies as you are to finding the best breeder of your new puppy. However, once on our waiting list this does not automatically guarantee a puppy.

You will need time and dedication to put into the training of a new puppy, leaving them on their own for long spells may give them cause to become destructive. Always consider the costs involved in owning a dog....feeding, vet fees, insurance and boarding costs at holiday times. Remember, your new addition to the family will be with you for quite a few years.

Any bitch or stud dog that we use will have been through the KC/BVA/AHT health schemes that are in place for the breed. We ensure that our bitches are in peak condition before being mated. Puppies are born and reared in our home (not in kennels) and receive round the clock attention from the day they are born; consequently they are well socialised and have begun their housetraining in advance of leaving for their new homes.

Placement of our puppies is subject to a number of conditions that have been put in place to protect their future health and welfare and their Kennel Club registration papers will be endorsed accordingly.

Each puppy will leave for its new home with their own comprehensive file which includes a contract of sale, registration certificate, pedigree, 4 weeks free insurance, diet sheet, information on worming , exercise, general care, training and each puppy will also receive a bag of food, piece of bedding and toy.

Litters are planned well in advance and enquiries are always welcome.

Please see our planned litter here




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